Gun Sales Are Going Up and So Are Bullet Sales


Gun sales are starting to go up and people are looking for new types of ammo to use. There is no doubt about that.

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This domain name was being run by a company selling specialized bullets.

It went out of business and they stopped updating the website.

WE bought it and are going to use it to report on gun sales and what they are doing to Smith and Wesson stock shares.

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Extreme Shock Bullets

he World’s Premier Anti-Terrorist Rounds!
It’s a new war, and our nations best warriors now carry the world’s most devastating ammunition! As we entrust the de-fense of our freedom in our finest professionals, they now carry an advantage beyond their own heroism! Over ten years in co-development with Special Operations Groups and Federal Law Enforcement, the new ExtremeShock™ Explosive Entry tactical defense rounds represent the ultimate refinement in lethal bullet technology. The compressed Tungsten-NyTrilium™ Composite fragments upon impact, leaving a wound channel of catastrophic proportions. The expansive fragmentation characteristics of the ExtremeShock rounds transfer the bullets energy in a far faster time span than conventional hollowpoints. The resulting stopping power is utterly devastating. E-Shock rounds are engineered to expend maximum energy into soft targets, turning the density mass into an expanding rotational cone of NyTrilium matrix particles, causing neurological collapse to the central nervous system.

R2LP-Extraordinary Capability & A New Level Of Control
The reduced over-penetration and reduced ricochet characteristics of these rounds are nothing short of revolutionary. Over-penetration is minimized as the complete energy of the AFR bullet, including the fragmented bullet itself are typically contained within the target. The risk to EMS personnel is reduced because the rounds don’t leave the many glove-shredding, razor sharp fragments of traditional rounds. The ExtremeShock™ AFR round disintegrates when it hits hard targets such as many interior walls and airplane skins, but retains astonishing stopping power on organic targets. Its capability for inside-the-aircraft antiterrorism operations is legendary within the special operations community .

The World’s Premier Home Defense Round (R2LP-Reduced Richochet Limited Penetration)
The ExtremeShock™ Explosive Entry Air Freedom Round Personal Defense ammunition is the best choice for home or urban carry. The rounds frangible and reduced ricochet characteristics provide a greater level of safety. A miss on a target wont penetrate through several walls, and potentially injure a sleeping family member. The pistol rounds comply with appropriate DOJ pistol caliber ballistic vest requirements, but are devastatingly effective against armed assailants. An officer can shoot a rabid dog on a playground with less worry that the bullet will penetrate, hit the ground, ricochet and injure or kill a bystander.

The World’s First “Smart” Munitions – Shaped Charge Performance with Intelligent Penetration Characteristics
The ExtremeShock Explosive Entry round is the world’s first “smart” small arms munition. It fragments in logamarithmic proportion to the hardness of the target it strikes. It more than doubles the rate of energy transfer of a typical hollow point round! It more than quadruples the rate of energy transfer of conventional ball rounds. If it is striking something brittle, it’s Nytrilium-Tungsten core will disintegrate very rapidly, reducing shoot-through and ricochet. When it hits softer organic targets, it fragments at a slower rate, with larger fragments dissipating into the target creating literally hundreds of wound channels. At left you can see the shock cavity a full seven inches in diameter!

A conventional round can penetrate most human torsos, dissipating a portion of the bullets energy into the target, and wasting the balance traveling into the area behind the target. The composite Explosive Defractor Core™ of the ExtremeShock™ Explosive Entry AFR Round acts as a perpendicular defractor plate that blows the fragments at virtual 90-degree angles to the wound channel! 100% percent of the energy is transferred into the surrounding tissue mass. This is the reason that the effective E-Shock wound channel is up to (depending on caliber) an astonishing 200 times the size of the entry wound!! Like a shaped charge that is used against tanks and armored targets, the NyTrilium fragments pick up the surrounding tissue mass and rams it forward, dramatically increasing the effective frontal area of the projectile.

Battle Proven, Dangerous Game Tested!
The E-Shocks pistol caliber rounds entire energy is transferred in the first 5-9 inches of entry, effectively logarithmically delivering the full energy at twice the rate of the best hollow points. Compare it to having a karate expert pushing you with both hands or give you a bone-shattering punch to the face. While both may exert the same amount of total energy measured in foot-pounds, the rapid transfer of the punch is far more devastating. Where a conventional round leaves a one-hole trauma cavity, The ExtremeShock Explosive Entry Round leaves a “shaped charge” trauma cavity with hundreds of individual wounds channels, causing Central Nervous System catastrophic overload. In video taped field tests with angry 300 lb Russian Boars, a single.380 round will incapacitate and kill in a matter of seconds! The 505 lb Boar in the picture was taken with a single 9mm round.

A Heritage of Innovation, dedication and relentless Commitment to Excellence!
The revered Mullins R&D Facility in Clintwood has tested and developed hundreds of thousands of rounds, including the unique bullets below. It is this relentless pursuit of perfection that has produced the bullets that bear the ExtremeShock name.

(R2LP–Reduced Richochet Limited Penetration) What Makes the Extreme Shock Rounds so Revolutionary
Since the first blob of lead launched from a musketcharged with black-powder, mankind has been refining projectile technology. Lead slugs became copper plated, shotgun shells, tracers, frangible, incendiary and armor piercing rounds all came into existence.

ExtremeShock’s Unique Nytrilium-Tungsten composite material offers many advantages over other rounds that are designed to break-up on impact. These fall into three broad categories. The first consists of tightly packed or sintered metal rounds. These offer none of the “smart” characteristics of the Nytrilum-Tungsten cores. They will either shatter or stay together based on one specific deceleration curve. They are also sensitive to ambient temperatures, change characteristics and in some instances bullet diameter!

These second consists of multiple pellet cartridges- mini shotgun shells in cases. These don’t offer the similar reduced ricochet advantages of the E-Shock rounds. These will break up on impact, but the wound channel is limited to the number of pellets that can be stuffed in the case. This can be 20-to 60 pellets or so. The E-shock wound fragments into hundreds of wound channels.

The third category consists of epoxy resin pellet mixes. This technology is again limited by the number of prefragmented metallic pieces in the resin. The inherent problem with these is accuracy. There is no easy way to perfectly balance the pieces within the bullet case and the unbalanced bullet wobbles in flight and loses accuracy. ExtremeShock’s proprietary blending method offers one of the most consistently balanced bullet loads in the world!

The precision casting and processing methods of the advanced NyTrilium™ composites offer incredible consistency and railgun accuracy. The lead-free construction eliminates hazardous waste and the frangible characteristics reduce wear and tear on steel targets in kill houses. Reduced ventilation issues can simplify range construction. Metal spray and ricochet hazards are reduced.

R2LP, Accuracy, Environmental Safety, Range Friendliness, “Shaped Charge” performance, and Subsonic Perfection!
ExtremeShock™ Munitions manufactures some of the most accurate and reliable subsonic ammunition anywhere in the world. These subsonic rounds will properly function the actions of .223 automatics with a 1/7 twist. This unique capability offers revolutionary options for Special Operations. When coupled with ASP Suppressors as part of the dedicated ASP SILENT SAVIOR System, operators have a silent and utterly lethal assault system. The subsonic rounds retain the stopping effectiveness of the Nytrilium-Tungsten composite. The reduced velocities and controlled penetration are desirable in sensitive areas like nuclear power facilities, built-up urban areas, nuclear powered vehicles and unconventional operations. Submit credentials for information on performance and additional special purpose ammunition. In service today with the Special Operations Elite.

Notes on “All Composite” Ammunition.
ExtremeShock’s ammunition carry none of the drawbacks of some existing or experimental “all composite” or “plastic” rounds. Rounds that lack ExtremeShock’s compressed tungsten cores and jackets often break up in the rifling, change diameter under temperature and produce highly toxic gases as the plastic burns when fired. They can also melt in hot chambers. The differences in composite bullet weights change point of impact, recoil and cyclic rates of fire. Muzzle velocity can varry based on barrel temp. ExtremeShock™ rounds retain point of aim, are leadfree and 100% guaranteed!